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Tax System No More Needed To Work With e-Invoices

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The era of digitization sees conventional invoicing operations powered by latest innovations, with the process gone fully electronic. 


According to the national Tax Code, one can directly upload and keep records of electronic invoices sent to you by commercial legal entities and private entrepreneurs that work in goods, works and services sectors simply by running a software product rather than accessing the Internet Tax Administration portal.


This capability is provided through the ERP system by U&R Company.


The automatic upload of electronic invoices to the ERP system offers the following advantages:

  • e-accounting and reconciliations of amounts with commitment documents will be carried out

  • mechanical errors that may arise in the work process will be precluded

  • repeated payments will be precluded

  • time-saving will be achieved

  • fast access to document archive will be granted

one-click access to e-invoice details and printing will be provided.