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General information about Asan Imza

General information about Asan Imza

Asan Imza – is your mobile identity for accessing e-services and putting digital signature. The technology of Asan Imza enables citizens to use a mobile phone as a digital signature tool granting access to e-services of various public and private institutions as well as digitally sign documents. Asan Imza is legally equal to hand signature according to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Asan Imza makes possible using all existing e-services. It should be mentioned that at present more than 650 e-services, rendered to citizens by government and private sector enterprises, use Asan Imza. This technology allows using digital services in the spheres of customs, taxes, finance, education and etc. These services include submission of e-tax declarations, customs declaration of goods and transport means, registration of notifications of labor contracts, registration of admission to high schools, internet and mobile banking and many others. Asan Imza also has been integrated with call centers of public and private organizations. 

Asan Imza is regularly presented at a number of international conferences and exhibitions under the slogan “Made in Azerbaijan”.

One of the main advantages of Asan Imza is that there is no need for additional devices and software intended for reading of smart cards. It is sufficient to have a mobile phone with a SIM card supporting digital authentication and signing keys to start using Asan Imza. More information can be found at:  

Digital authentication and signing certificates used in Asan Imza is provided by Asan Certification Services Center under Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic. This center is empowered to issue such certificates to indibiduals, employees of government and municipal bodies as well as legal and physical entities engaged in entrepreneurship activities.

How to get "Asan Imza" mobile-ID?


More information can be found at: