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A meeting was held between the e-Gov Development Center and the Azerbaijan-UK Alumni Association

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An online meeting was held between the e-Gov Development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and members of the Azerbaijan-UK Alumni Association (AUKAA).

At the meeting moderated by AUKAA Board Member Madina Pashayeva, EGDC director Fariz Jafarov spoke about the functional responsibilities and main activities of the Center, including “ASAN Bridge” - the National Information Exchange System and the institutions integrated into it. The information on “MyGov” personal cabinet-based e-government platform, which provides access to more than 710 e-services, ASAN Login Single Sign-On Access System, which provides access to 56 systems together with integrated systems, and ASAN payment, which provides more than 670 e-payment services system, and "ASAN Finance" were delivered during the meeting as well. The sides also exchanged views on the parallel development of digital literacy and e-government, public-private partnership, existing human resources in the field of IT, and other topics.

EGDC organizes regular meetings with stakeholders, including public organizations, businesses, banks, and insurance companies, in order to ensure citizen participation in the creation and development of digital government services. A survey was conducted prior to the meeting, taking into account that more than 750 young professionals who have studied in various programs and represent various fields from the UK, one of the world's leading countries in building digital government, are the members of the AUKAA. The survey identified the use of digital government services, opinions, and suggestions, as well as topics for discussion at the meeting.

The ultimate goal of the meetings held by EGDC with stakeholders is to study the public's opinions and suggestions on digital services, to further expand the use of digital solutions, and to ensure citizen satisfaction.

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