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Press releases

11.04.2016 -  Four e-services of State Customs Committee now available on E-government portal

14.03.2016- Caspian Development Bank to serve citizens through  E- government portal

09.02.2016 – Kapital Bank simplifies loan formalization procedures

06.01.2016 – E- government portal facilitates the work of TBC loan customers

31.12.2015 – One more service of the State Customs Committee now available on E-government portal

16.12.2015 - Azer Turk Bank customers can now form e-references on  E-government portal to submit to the bank

15.12.2015 – Baku State Communication and Transport College holds seminar on "E-government and Youth"  

01.12.2015 - Seminar on “E-government and Youth" held in Baku Slavic University

30.10.2015- Mobile version of E-government portal launched

24.10.2015- Seminar on “E-government: a new model of modern and flexible management” held in  Yasamal District Court with the participation of employees from Baku district courts

20.10.2015- Baku Higher Oil School holds seminar on “E-government and Youth “

15.10.2005- Two more services of the State Customs Committee now available online through E- government portal  

 12.10.2015- Two more services of the State Social Protection Fund integrated into E-government portal

12.10.2015- New version  of  E-government portal launched 

 09.10.2015- October issue of E-government bulletin presented 

02.10.2015- Xalq Bank starts to serve  citizens  through E- government portal

29.09.2015- Seminar on “E-government and Youth” held in Sumgait State University

23.09.2015 - Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) starts to receive e-references

16.09.2015 - Three new services of State Social Protection Fund integrated into  E- government portal

11.09.2015- Briefing to be held on E-government bulletin

03.08.2015 – Four more databases included in the Open Government Data Portal  

30.07.2015 – New functionalities added to “Idea Bank” on  E-government portal

30.06.2015- Number of e-services of Azersu OJSC  on  E-government portal reached three

27.06.2015- Seminar on "E-government portal: a new communication platform in the relationship of citizen and state held 

19.06.2015- Experts of Azercosmos and Data Processing Center hold consultations on international standards   "ISO 27001/2013"

16.06.2015, State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources (SAARES) to integrate its e-services into E-government portal

10.06.2015- Meeting held in connection with the integration of new e-services of Ministry of Culture and Tourism into E-government portal

09.06.2015 –  June issue of E-government bulletin presented

03.06.2015-  Azerbaijan Technical University and the operator of E-government portal  establish scientific and technological union 

02.06.2015 - Nikoil Bank starts to the process of loan formalization through e-references   

29.05.2015- Secondary schools students can now check their data on final evaluation online through E-government portal  

27.05.2015- E- government  portal launches “ONLINE CONSULTATION” service

27.05.2015- Bank Standard starts to receive e-references

19.05.2015- Azerishig OJSC integrated into  E-government portal

15.05.2015- Finalists  of  contests  "Startup Azerbaijan 2015" and "Look, Use, Create" on development of mobile apps  announced by  E-government portal  made public  

14.05.2015 - Amrahbank  OJSC also  gives preference  to E- government portal

08.05.2015 - Tree-planting campaign dedicated to the 92nd anniversary of  national leader Heydar Aliyev held

07.05.2015 – One more government agency integrated into E-government portal

07.05.2015 – May issue of  E-government bulletin presented

07.05.2015 - "GoMap electronic map" service integrated into the portal

05.05.2015 - ADA University holds a seminar

04.05.2015 –Para Bank also starts to benefit from  “e-references” service

01.05.2015 – Scope of e-reference users increasing day by day 

29.04.2015 – Seminar on "E-government portal, e-services, e-solutions and possible cooperation with banks" held 

28.04.2015 – Joint discussion held with SOCAR for integration of  “Data stock on gas subscribers” into E- government portal

25.04.2015 - NBC Bank also starts to apply e-references for loan formalization procedures

23.04.2015 - One more e-reference integrated into the portal

23.04.2015- E- government portal operator holds a charity event at Special School for Children with Disabilities

23.04.2015- It is possible now to check benefits allocated to IDPs through E- government portal

 23.04.2015- One more  bank starts to benefit from the potential of  E-government portal

04.23.2015-Four new databases added to Open Government Data ( portal

04.16.2015 - Ministry of Education introduces online registration of  competition to study abroad in a new version through the portal 
April 15, 2015 – Four more e-reference services now available  on  E-government portal

April 13, 2015, One more data resource of State Student Admission  Commission  registered in the State Information Resources Register

 April 10, 2015, April issue of E-government portal  presented

April 07, 2015,  Baku Slavic University  holds seminar on "E-government and Youth"  

April 1, 2015 "ANSAR LEASING" starts to use reference documents in its activity in accordance with  agreement signed  between  Data Processing Center of the  Ministry of Communications and High Technologies and Azerbaijan Leasing company LLC

March 19, 2015, Express  starts to use reference documents in the process of credit operations  

March 17-18, 2015   Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies organizes a course  for journalists and students interested in ICT  

 March 11, 2015 –  March issue of  E-government bulletin presented

 February 27, 2015, E-government portal holds seminar on  “E-government and Youth " for  ASEU  students

February 21, 2015, A new e-service of  State Customs Committee integrated into  E-government portal

February 10, 2015  One more service of  Interior Ministry integrated into  E-government portal

February 10, 2015  E-service of   Ministry of Health "Online booking of medical health card” integrated into  E-government portal 

February 10, 2015  E- government portal operator, MCHT Data Processing Center, holds briefing on presentation of  February issue of E-government bulletin 

February 2, 2015 – One more e- service of  Ministry of Economy and Industry integrated into  E-government portal

January 30, 2015 - E- government portal operator organizes a meeting with residents of the children's home

January 27, 2015 - Rabitabank  starts to use e-references  

January 27, 2015 - AGB  starts to implement e-references in credit operations procedures

January 22, 2015 - Five new e-services  of  Ministry of Taxes integrated into the portal

 January 21, 2015 - International Bank of Azerbaijan starts to use e-references through E-government portal

 January 15, 2015 – E-government portal operator, Data Processing Center, announces a contest  development of mobile apps "Look, use and create" within project  Startup Azerbaijan  2015

January 14, 2015 - - Open Government Data portal presented 

January 13, 2015 - Bokt Ideal Credit LLC starts to use e-references in its loan operations

January 6,  2015 - New e-services of the Committee on Property Issues integrated into  the portal
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