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Ministry of Digital Development and Transport

Service name

Acceptance of applications and documents for the issuance of the vessel's continuous synopsis record (CSR)


Issue of "Continuing Shipboard History Records" in accordance with Chapter XI-1 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, for ships owned by legal entities and natural persons, and with the requirements of International Maritime Organization Resolutions A.959(23) and MSC.198. (80)

Documents required for implementation and their submission form

A citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan :

    • The name of the document :

      Form 2 for the purpose of issuing a new continuous ship history record in case of a first application for a continuous ship history record or in case of a change in the information contained in the current continuous ship history record

      Document submission forms :

      - Electronically (if applied online) or in paper form (if applied in person or by postal service)