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Benefits of free internet access

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Since March 2017, the organization of "Free Wi-Fi" service has been started in the main parks and alleys of Baku city. The Ministry of Digital Development and Transport informs that the number of people using the "Free Wi-Fi" service increased in the summer months, when the flow of tourists was higher. This number was close to 10,000 during the day. The number of connections is close to 6 million. "Public WiFi" has been put into use in approximately 20 parks of Baku. In such a case, in which parks can guests and residents of the capital have access to the Internet for free?

In Seaside National Park

State Flag Square

In the territory of "Icherisheher" State Historical-Architectural Reserve

In the "White City" area of Baku Boulevard

In "Seaside Garden".

In the park of the Heydar Aliyev Center

In the "Khagani" garden

In "Sabir Bagh".

In "Akhundov Garden",

In "Winter Park",

In the "Officers' Garden".

in "Huseyn Javid" park,

In "Samad Vurgun" garden

in "Mugan" gardens, in "Izmir" park,

In "Narimanov" park

in "Fashion Avenue" park

"Dade Gorgud" park

The Ministry of Digital Development and Transport informs that "Baku Telephone Communications" Limited Liability Company ("Baktelecom") has provided the population with free internet within the framework of the "Public Internet" project. Taking into account world experience, the "Free Wi-Fi" service is equally distributed among users like a broadband (high-speed) Internet network. At the same time, no speed limit was imposed. The user can use the free internet for 1 hour from the moment of connection. The same user can use the free service 3 times a day. To use the "Free Wi-Fi" service, it is possible to connect to the Internet by selecting "Baktelecom" from the "Wi-Fi" list of a mobile device with different configurations, writing the mobile number in the corresponding cell, entering the password received by SMS in the corresponding cell. In addition, it can be found in some public catering establishments located in the city, bookstores, restaurants, central libraries, surface high-speed trains. Unfortunately, there is currently no free internet access system in the Baku metro. Many commercial facilities, restaurants and other places also have unencrypted and free Wi-Fi of the type Guest, Guest, etc., just for the satisfaction of customers.