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Ministry of Health: Electronic Epicrisis Will Be Available to Healthcare Professionals Starting 2023

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Pursuant to the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Healthcare Informatization Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan developed the "Electronic Epicrisis" subsystem of the Unified Healthcare Information System as part of the healthcare transformation initiative and in order to expand the use of digital health tools.

From 2023, the subsystem is available to healthcare professionals and is designed to improve the quality and effective information support of the medical services provided. The system allows standardizing the search and provision of personal medical information based on requests for information: it operates a unified electronic register of extracts from citizens' medical records. Not only will it greatly facilitate medical staff's work but also will automate routine document flow and minimize medical errors linked to the lack of retrospective information on the disease.

The e-epicrisis is confirmed by the doctor's enhanced electronic signature and will soon be available for citizens in the "e-Health" personal account and the mobile app. The authenticity of a printed health document can be checked by scanning a QR code stamped thereon.

The introduction of "Electronic Epicrisis" subsystem in the national healthcare represents an important step towards improving the information provision in the field of medical assistance. As part of gradual transition to a single digital healthcare platform, the electronic epicrisis will become an integral component of the digital ecosystem of medical data. Based on these data, fields such as digital medical statistics, the potential construction of physician decision support systems, including the use of AI and analytics for the implementation of management decisions in the industry, will become increasingly significant.