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A meeting with members of the "Foreign MBA" Club was held at EGDC

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A meeting with members of the "Foreign MBA" Club was held at the E-GOV Development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At the meeting, which was attended by about 20 members of the Foreign MBA Club, Fariz Jafarov, Director of EHIM, made a presentation on public services, including "ASAN service" and digital services.

During the presentation, the State Agency's Strategic Plan for 2022-2025 was discussed, and a wide exchange of views was held on the multifaceted and diverse proposals of the “Foreign MBA Club” on the steps to be taken.  

During the presentation, extensive information was provided on projects implemented by EGDC, including “ASAN Bridge”, “myGov”, “ASAN Login”, “ASAN Finance”, “ASAN Pay”, “ASAN Visa”, “Digital executive power” and other future projects.  

The purpose of the “Foreign MBA Club”, which brings together graduates of international MBA programs, is to establish productive cooperation, regular dialogue, to support the country's economic development through contacts with officials and regulatory authorities.  

The ultimate goal of the regular meetings held by EGDC with banks and insurance companies, business organizations, public organizations is to form sectoral opinions and proposals from the mentioned audiences, as well as to promote digital government services, inform the target audience about digital services, further expand the use of digital services.

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