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Another innovation from EHIM in 3 years of activity: there is a video recording opportunity in "ASAN Login" now

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Continuing its activities focusing on G2G, G2C and G2B e-services, the E-GOV Development Center serves citizens for the provision and development of e-services.

E-GOV Development Center, which constantly conducts various surveys among citizens, identifies their needs and closely monitors technological innovations in international practice, this time presented a new opportunity for citizens to use the "ASAN Login" system. Thus, the "ASAN Login" Single Sign-in System has the ability to record video based on innovative solutions such as voice and feedback.

The video recording feature was created to further expand the accessibility of the "ASAN Login" system for citizens and the use of e-services. ASAN Login, which currently provides access to 52 systems including integrated ones, eliminates the need to remember various usernames and passwords, minimizing the risk of data leakage. Once registered in the "ASAN Login", a citizen can easily access all the institutions and systems integrated here and apply for the services provided. The system allows citizens to save time and manage data from a single location.

Thanks to these advantages, the number of users of ASAN Login in 2020 increased more than 3 times compared to 2019 and amounted to 1.741 million.

It should be noted that ASAN Login has 4 types of access systems:

- With ID number,

- With "ASAN Signature",

- with electronic signature,

- Signed by BCSC (Bank Certificate Services Center).

Citizens who do not have an enhanced electronic signature – i.e., "ASAN Signature" or electronic signature – can get registered in the "ASAN Login" with an ID number. In this case, the citizen's mobile number must be registered in his name. Citizens who did not have a mobile number registered in their name faced with certain difficulties in the registration process previously. At present, citizens are able to register with an ID card with the help of a newly created video recording in the registration section with an identification number. Thus, video recording allows citizens who do not have a mobile number in their name to apply to many e-services.

Citizens who are already registered in ASAN Login do not need to register via video again. Citizens who would like to sign in "ASAN Login" via video recording option can watch the instructional video:

Instruction video on registration with FIN code and mobile number:

In addition, citizens who forgot the password and do not have an active mobile number to recover the password can recover the forgotten password by adding another active mobile number to the system via video. Instruction video:

Questions related to the “ASAN Login” system can be answered by looking at the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website or by getting information from the 108 Call Center. It is also possible to apply to the "E-Gov window" in Baku "ASAN service" center No. 5 within the initial pilot project on the relevant topic.

“The E-GOV Development Center” public legal entity of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations also celebrates 3 years of anniversary. Constantly applying innovative technologies, the Center coordinates the formation, integration and effective management of state information resources and systems, provides e-services to citizens.

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