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It is also possible to donate the “YASHAT” Foundation through the "ASAN pay"

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An opportunity to make donations to the "YASHAT" Foundation through the "ASAN payment" system has been provided. The foundation has been established by the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan and aimed to support the families of the wounded and martyrs in connection with the protection of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Individuals willing to support the Foundation can make a payment by entering the "Response Foundation" category, which is in the first line in the "Most Popular Payments" section of the portal and selecting the "YASHAT" Foundation.

There are three categories in the “YASHAT” Foundation section: for Azerbaijani citizens, for foreign citizens, and for anonymous payment categories. In the payment section for Azerbaijani citizens, individuals can make payments by entering the PIN (Personal Identification Number on the ID card) and mobile number, as well as TIN and mobile numbers. Noted mobile number will also be used by the Foundation to send notifications to citizens in the future.

In the payment section for a foreign citizen, it is possible to make payments with the PIN and mobile number, as well as name and surname on the migration cards of individuals temporarily or permanently registered in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the anonymous section, individuals who do not want to be identified can make payments. After the payments go through the identification process, individuals can complete their payments by entering card information.

Detailed information for making payments to the Foundation can be found in the following video tutorial:

It should be noted that the multifunctional "ASAN pay” system also allows the users to pay fines, utilities and make other payments in a short time, safely and conveniently. Fines, duties, utilities, leasing, loans, rent and other payments of more than 280 institutions are provided through the payment portal and terminals of “ASAN pay” system, as well as "ASAN pay" mobile application on Android and iOS platforms.


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