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Draft normative legal acts

On draft normative legal acts

This special section on the portal was created in connection with the execution of Decision №142 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated June 25, 2012 on approval of “Rules for placing drafts of normative legal acts prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan and central executive bodies on the E-government portal. The main purpose of the section is to bring up drafts for social or professional discussion from the date of their submission for approval. Those wishing to participate in the discussion of the drafts are required to register on the portal. Along with the draft, the following information is placed on the portal:

-   Information owner’s name; 
-   Name of draft;
-   Date of draft; 
-   Submission date for discussion;
-   Closing date of discussion.

In addition, the opportunity has been created for citizens to carry out search separately on the above-mentioned sections. At the same time, they can view full text of the draft in the section “View” or download the file. Also, citizens can send their comments and suggestions related to the drafts discussed to necessary information owners and receive answers from them through the section “Suggestions”. This process has been created in an online mode. It should be noted that only citizens having e-signature certificates can send their comments and suggestions. All suggestions of each citizen are reflected in the section “All suggestions”.
Drafts whose discussion period is expired are removed from the portal. When changes are made to drafts by taking into consideration the comments and suggestions given, new version is placed on the portal from the date of its submission for approval. All data regarding drafts whose discussion is fully completed and submitted to the rule-making body for approval is archived and their list is stored on the portal.
Drafts of normative legal acts prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers and central executive bodies can be accessed here.

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